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the origins of mind, space and time.

Introducing the LOTA philosophy of science.

An integral theory of almost everything, uniting East, West, science and the soul.
With new answers to the ultimate questions of life

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    BREAKTHROUGH, the Origins of Mind, Space & Time .

    Who may benefit

    Intended for readers around the globe who share an interest in the philosophical questions of our existence.
    While no technical or scientific knowledge  is required, your ability as 'conceptual thinker' will be solicited.
    If you are involved in education, this is a must read.

    The style

    The synthesis  unfolds as a short personal journey (125 pages of text) through a new logical perspective on the universe and our place in it.
    The language is easy to follow.
    The text is supported by 47 drawings for illustration of the concepts.
    The unfolding scenarios are supported by simple examples and connections to already existing theories of science, at each step along the way.
    No formula's.

    See praise from readers

    Front page of eBook edition 

    Breakthrough cover page

      The book can be downloaded, in PDF file format, from here

     Introduction pages in the eBook edition

    A young brilliant philosopher, René Descartes, proposed to separate mind and body as a temporary expedient to permit investigation of the human organism unencumbered by the dogma of the ruling church. This basic idea has been dominating science, medical practice and western thought for almost four centuries. Cogito, ergo sum,...I think, therefore I am!  It has lasted this long, because it brought results.

    Nevertheless, there is a clear call by a growing number of scientists, practitioners in healing professions and others for a new scientific framework, since their results are often constrained by the current frameworks of thinking.

    New Age literature has a fundamentally different message, because it communicates the incredible interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit.

    In essence, these three forces represent a schism in our society, running deep and wide, often with disastrous consequences.

    This book introduces a new way of thinking, based on logic and reason, where these forces are united and in harmony.

    The lines you just read are the opening lines in the original print version of 1996. In the meantime the fronts have hardened and the “schism in our society” mentioned has not diminished.

    For instance, in 2007, the Council of Europe issued guidelines for all member states on dealing with 'The Dangers of Creationism in Education'. The council’s response is to position the evolution theories of Darwin as a central tenet in teaching science and treat is as ‘proven’, based on ‘methodological materialism’.

    Consequently, this ‘science by policy’ denies every schoolchild and young adult the logical existence of their soul, because Darwinian evolutionary theory has no place for the soul.

    This book takes you on a journey where the existence of our souls  is in full harmony with the discoveries in science, including evolution.

    I have a dream .... that our educators will encourage every child to discover their own soul and discover it as a source of inner strength, energy and creativity. That they feel confident in doing so because they know that it is in harmony with logic, our great heritage in the sciences and our accumulated evidence about ‘who we are’.

    Enjoy the read,
    Cornel Slenters 

    Publishing facts

    Title: Breakthrough, the Origin of Mind, Space and Time.
    Subtitle: Introducing the LOTA philosophy of science.
    Author: Cornelis (Cornel) Slenters

    SLENTERS Research (former ABC+E Communications SA) 

    Email: plato-lota (at) bluewin (point) ch 

    Copyright: Cornelis Slenters 1996 , 2011, 2018

    Original print edition:
    First edition - soft cover - 1996 and later reprints
    ISBN 2-940185-00-X
    Printed in Switzerland 
    Sale of new books stopped in March 2011
    Remaing copies distributed to public libraries.
    eBook edition:
    Published in March 2011, available from as a free download.
    ISBN 2-940185-07-7



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