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Download location for the eBook edition of Breakthrough


The original print edition of 'Breakthrough, the Origins of Mind, Space & Time' by Cornelis Slenters was published in 1996 by his own publishing company.

An open challenge by the author was posted soon thereafter on the internet for anyone to challenge the logic as described in Breakthrough.

Furthermore, major scientific institutes have been invited to 'break the logic' and accept the challenge for an open debate.

After 15 years of public exposure and a readership of many smart people, the LOTA philosophy of science as described in Breakthrough has been standing up unscratched.

The author has recently created an eBook version of Breakthrough and decided on the following:

  • The remaining print copies (a few) will be distributed to public libraries.

  • The eBook version will be made available to a wider public as a free download.

For a free download of the eBook edition of Breakthrough, click here.

Then make a copy/paste

The file format is .pdf , total file size is appoximately 3.5 MB 


Breakthrough frontpage
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Conditions of use:

This eBook version is made available to you free of charge by the author, publisher and copy rights holder, Cornelis Slenters.

You have the right to download it, duplicate it and share it with others, provided you do not charge for it, do not alter the text or remove parts of the content.

If it inspires you and you wish to copy parts of it in your own works, you are welcome to do so provided you make reference to this original eBook version. 

Cornelis (Cornel) Slenters


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