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The LOTA philosophy of science

LOTA is a unifying logical synthesis through which  relationships between evolution, creation, mind, matter, energy and consciousness become visible.

The LOTA philosophy of
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    The LOTA philosophy of science 

    What is LOTA 

    LOTA is a philosophy of science, a unifying logical synthesis of current thoughts and ideas aimed at understanding the deeper meaning of reality. It provides an open logical framework through which the relationships of evolution, creation, mind, matter, energy and consciousness become visible. It is a holistic view on the nature of personal reality and it points to vast potentials of the human mind. 

    Why LOTA 

    The LOTA philosophy of science emerged after decades of disappointments with traditional positivist methods of science, since these "classical ways" fail to give logical backing for important discoveries in psychology, learning and personal growth. The LOTA philosophy of science provides this framework, embracing the old and the new. 

    How it was developed 

     The LOTA philosophy of science is the outcome of a systems based method of synthesis, backed by verification with existing scientific theories from a wide range of fields. 

    Supporting evidence 

    For those acquainted with the concepts of LOTA, the validity is derived from the totality of their own life experiences, personal and professional. Including an enhanced understanding of the connections between existing scientific theories. Moreover, first published in 1996, it withstands the test of time and remains unchallenged in its logic and supporting evidence.

    How it may help you 

    LOTA points to vast untapped potentials of our minds. The processes by which we give form to our reality through our habitual thoughts, beliefs and feelings are better understood. We become aware of new powerful ways to give direction to our lives, among others, from an improved understanding of the nature and function of the subconscious mind. 

    For professional endeavors, LOTA is a source for innovation and problem solving, with the following fields showing greatest affinity and interest (at this early stage): 

    learning & education, psychology, consciousness research, human resource development, management development, personal peak performance, inter discipline studies , new energy sources, as well as non-linear dynamic systems research (chaos, complexity, etc). 

    Emerging LOTA theories

    Evolving from the LOTA philosophy of science are closely interconnected theories, such as: The potential is vast, moreover the concepts are available to anyone interested.

    The author

    Cornel Slenters was born 1939 in s'Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. 

    Following thirty years of international business experience with Hewlett-Packard, Transitron, IBM and Philips, he started his own training & management consulting in 1993 under the name Slenters Action Learning.  Prior, he was European training director for Hewlett-Packard, stationed in Geneva. 

    His formal education spans Europe and the USA, including an advanced engineering degree in Systems Design & Computer Science from Northeastern University, Boston. 

    In 1995, after discovering an organizing principle which seemed significant yet unknown, he worked full time on the exploration of this new insight. This has led to the development of the LOTA Philosophy of Science and its derivative theories. These are described in his book, "Breakthrough, the Origins of Mind, Space and Time"

    Up to his recent retirement as principal of SLENTERS Action Learning, he delivered a range of leadership development, management development, personal development and innovation training programs. Including courses for Organizational Behavior, Creative Achievement, Personal Peak Performance and Human Resource Management - MBA and Executive MBA programs - at international business schools in the Swiss Geneva region.

    The LOTA principles provided the basis for many innovative techniques introduced in these courses, from which many students have benefited.

    Consequently, he has decided to release this material via the internet, free of charge, during his retirement.

    The first phase in this effort is the release of Breakthrough, the Origins of Mind, Space and Time in the form of an ebook edition, free of charge, available to you via this link.   

    He is an elected member to the Phi Beta Delta Honor Society of International Scholars.

    He lives with his family in Switzerland. 


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