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    Keyword references to other science and philosophy ideas

    The unifying capability of the LOTA philosophy of science is demonstrated in Breakthrough by integrating 80 important science and philosophy concepts, many were previously not linked because they seemed in contradiction. 

    Here is a partial listing of associated keywords: 

    René Descartes,  Cogito ergo sum, Heraclitus, systems theory, interactions, dynamical systems, Gregory Bateson, micro-biology, feedback systems, adaptive behavior, looping interaction patterns, dynamic interaction patterns, cycles in society, Yang and Yin, T'ai-chi T'u, Geoffrey Chew, the bootstrap model, dynamic web, Fritsjof Capra, self-consistency, hyper cycles in chemistry, autopoiesis, self-production, non-equilibrium states, Ilya Progonine, theory of evolution, Charles Darwin, adaptive loops, order and disorder, Great Scaling Pattern, unfolding universe, astro physics, DNA double helix, chaos theories, science of chaos, James Gleick, complexity theories, non-linear dynamic systems, Mandelbrot set, fractals, chaos patterns, Newtonian mechanics, classical mechanics, Hamiltonian mechanics, William Rowan Hamilton, Roger Penrose, a universe of motion, The Source of All That Is, Magic-R, Creative-R, multiple universes, speed of light, space time dynamic order, electro-magnetism, particle physics, quantum mechanics, black holes, collapse of the wave function, Amit Goswani, inter-space, non-physical, 20th century physics, instantaneous interconnectedness, Albert Einstein, theory of relativity, Alain Aspect, Jean Dalibard, Gérard Roger, nonlocality, Grand Unification Theory, GUT, Theory of Everything, TOE, preservation of energy principle, transcendental reality, physical spectrum, energy spectrum, linear time, non-linear time, inner world, cosmic rays, neutrinos, Emanuel Swedenborg, thought built reality, David Bohm, unbroken wholeness, the Big Bang alternative, Bell's Theorem, the Big Fountain theory, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Niels Bohr, John Archibald Wheeler, participatory universe, Werner Heisenberg, Nagajurna, Lama Anargarika Govinda, Buddhism, the web of life, the dream catcher, North American Indian cultures, the Tao, Taoism, personal identity, multi-dimensional identity, origin of the soul, cycles of reincarnation, karma, language structure, human vision, perception, focus, psychology, learning organizations, learning networks, level of observation, the undivided transcendental wholeness of the universe, near death experiences, NDE, David Lorimer,  the origin of consciousness, what is consciousness, a holistic model of consciousness, energy directed by consciousness, solution of the consciousness hard problem, the LOTA general theory of consciousness, Cornelis Slenters, the origin of mind, the ego, ego-consciousness, consciousness of the identity, identity of the self, your subconscious, body consciousness, mental awareness, self awareness, dream research, group dreaming, dream therapy, Carl Gustav Jung, Jungian psychology, the collective unconscious, the experience of universal love, the universe grand design, the Universal Mind, supreme intelligence, all that is, the holographic universe, Michael Talbot, cosmology, wholeness and the implicate order, mystical experiences, human energy fields, halos, auras, personal empowerment, Seth, Sethian philosophy, Jane Roberts, Robert Butts, channeled teachings, non-physical intelligence, Chi Kung, chi, Reiki healing, Taoist healing, thoughts and health, Louise Hay, limitations of entropy, LOTA mathematics, the power of your subconscious mind, creativity, Joseph Murphy, the Silva Mind Control Method, José Silva, creative visualization, Shakti Gawain, the Gaia theory, James Lovelock, Tom Bearden physics, Konstantin Meyl scalar wave theories, zero point energy, ZPE, dark matter, energy transfer faster than speed of light, reincarnation. 

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