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    I have longed for decades to find a book like Breakthrough, a book which gave me depth of understanding about the nature of human potential, so that I could contribute in my own small ways to the building of a smarter world.

    • A smarter world in the ways we help others to develop their full potential.
    • A smarter world in the ways we help others to resolve conflicts.
    • A smarter world in the ways we help others to discover life's deeper meanings.
    I am now retired after more than 25 years in education, equally shared between the industrial world and the academic world.
    My audiences were highly diverse in terms of national origin, ethnic origin, religious orientation, age, gender and professional background, therefore I needed a framework which would unify in this diverse setting, yet provide ideally a great depth of insight for every learner. 

    Sooner or later we are confronted as educators with underlying questions that divide rather than unite, such as:

    • Nature of the universe?
    • Nature of evolution?
    • Origin of our species?
    • Origin of our minds?
    • Who are we?
    • Who or what is our inner self?
    • What is our real source of creativity?
    • Is there a deeper meaning to life?
    • What is our sense of purpose?

    The LOTA concepts as a unifier in teaching

    The LOTA philosophy of science was a great unifier for me and my audiences when we addressed issues of human potential, motivation and creative achievement. As a reminder, these were diverse and often highly educated audiences, including scientists, lawyers, medical practitioners, engineers, successful business men and women. 

    Moreover, I discovered that I did not need to explain the framework from which I worked, since it was there for me in the background from which I could raise insightful questions and lead the audiences to meaningful answers.

    The LOTA philosophy of science, described in my book Breakthrough, the Origins of Mind, Space & Time is now available from this website as a free download, from this link

    I have also recently added PowerPoint and PDF shows on the LOTA concepts, which you can download for free from this link.


    Cornel Slenters




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