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Emerging LOTA theories

The LOTA philosophy of science leads to new ways of thinking.

Here are six new theories derived from it, each involving profound paradigm shifts.

Emerging LOTA theories:

  Great Scaling Pattern  |  Identity  |  Consciousness  | Energy  |  Mind   |  Universe Grand Design

for best comprehension, read them in the order listed

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    Universe Grand Design

    Theory of the Great Scaling Pattern

    The Great Scaling Pattern is a universal pattern, of constant renewal, seemingly fundamental to all our experiences. Once we know it, we can recognize it with ease in a wide range of phenomena, such as in the formation of stars and galaxies, the structure of our brain, cell structures, geographic maps, interpersonal relations, structures in society etc. 

    The theory of the Great Scaling Pattern is based on a very simple mathematical model for the propagation of interactions. This model has a great capacity to replicate and scale, from which we can duplicate again the original patterns of observations about our universe. So what is new? 

    Here are some examples of what this small replicating pattern is predicting: The universe is self organizing at all levels and in all aspects. Hence a generalization of the Gaia theory.  The evolution of all self organizing structures is ultimately based on one unique variable named Creative-R, a measure of unfolding. Multiple universes are possible. Moreover, the evolution of self organizing structures are independent of space-time, meaning physical as well as non-physical structures can organize along the same principles.  Physical laws are a manifestation of Creative-R but not an explanation for it. Hence, it views Creative-R as the fundamental creative force from which the universe emerges, present in all aspects of our existence.

    Does the GSP accommodate the sciences of Chaos and Complexity? It more than accommodates, it provides a fundamental structure for both.

    If you wish to know more about the Great Scaling Pattern, 
    we recommend  the book on LOTA 

    Theory of Identity

    While the Great Scaling Pattern is beneficial for explaining observable phenomena, it does not explain our 'awareness', at this level of explanation. In order to understand the origin of awareness, we need to understand the nature of 'identity'. The nature of identity was discovered with the aid of the small replicating model described earlier, a discovery of great excitement and significance. There are three steps involved: 

    First, an experiment to determine the minimum level of Creative-R from which self organizing structures can evolve and propagate. This is the level from which traditional theories of 'evolution' can be explained. 

    Second, we estimate the actual levels of Creative-R in our physical universe and discover that these levels are substantially higher than what is required for setting the  evolution of the universe in motion. 

    Third, we rerun the small replicating model, but now with the actual Creative-R values from the real universe, and watch what happens. 

    This leads to a transformation of awe inspiring complexity, fascination and discovery, referred to as the 'transformation of virtual magic'. All of a sudden we find ourselves in a holistic environment where every part is determined by every other part, where 'identity' emerges from 'action' in a setting of undivided wholeness. Identity takes on a multi-dimensional form and is emerging from the pattern as a whole. Bizarre as it may seem, greater interconnectedness leads to stronger identity. Every aspect of reality has identity and is connected to every other aspect. Moreover, every identity is unique. 

    On a practical note, when this model is applied to the problem of biological cell specialization, the answer as to why cells start to specialize at approximately one hundred cells may not seem such a mystery any longer.

    I you wish to know more about 'identity',
    we recommend  the book on LOTA 

    Theory of Consciousness

    The notion of consciousness, awareness, is often misunderstood and confused with the notion of mind. In the context of the LOTA philosophy of science, 'consciousness' is seen as a force emerging from Identity, which in turn emerges from the Great Scaling Pattern. Therefore is it universally present and manifest in all aspects of our reality. The notion of mind will be described later and can be viewed as a higher order manifestation of consciousness.

    In brief, consciousness results from an imbalance between two forces. The first force aims at preservation,  caused by the nature of Identity. The second is a force of change resulting from the identity's dynamic relationship within the Great Scaling Pattern. With some practice, it can be observed all around you, for example in the way organizations resist change. 

    While this statement is brief, it is nevertheless profound, since the insight in the origin of identity does unravel one of the most difficult issues in consciousness research, known by specialists as the 'hard problem'.

    If you wish to know more about 'consciousness',
    we recommend  the book on LOTA 

    Theory of Energy

    Despite great progress in many fields of science, the fundamental nature of 'energy' is still not well understood, creating problems in areas such as high energy physics and cosmology. A whole new class of  so-called 'free energy devices' will  be emerging soon from research laboratories, in different parts of the world, which seem to defy conventional concepts of energy. They are called 'free energy devices' because they seem to tap energy from the 'universal void'. This is the notion put forth by a number of theories about an immense background of energy beyond space-time. However, even with that notion, it is still a mystery why these devices work. 

    The LOTA philosophy of science views energy differently from our conventional concepts of energy and would indeed provide a theory from which these 'free energy devices' can be explained. A metaphor might help to illustrate the concept: 

    We live in an ocean of energy, most of this energy is invisible to us. Most of it is not even present in space-time. All energy is directed, by consciousness. It is only through the means of an ‘anchor’ that we gain access to localized energy. Such an anchor is created through the creation of a localized identity. Such identity is created through looping interaction patterns. In practice, this is achieved through a tight spin. Very tight spins form good ‘anchors’ and are therefore high energy sources. 

    The latter outcome fits well with the results reported by Brian O’Leary in his recent book 'Miracle in the Void'. Indeed the common denominator of all these 'free energy devices' is this very tight spin.

    If you wish to know more about 'energy',
    we recommend the book on LOTA 

    Theory of Mind

    The mental model we carry in our own head regarding the nature of mind has a profound influence on our ability to ultimately achieve what we want. The self organizing principles described earlier predict that mind is not restricted by space-time. Consequently, mind is seen as timeless, finding expression through our body and brain. 

    Moreover, our subconscious is intimately connected with the vast resources of the universe. These ideas align with great philosophical teachings from East and West. 

    On a practical note: Once we accept a broader mental model on the nature of mind, we become aware of the powers inside us to heal our past, transform our present and shape our future. 

    For a more detailed explanation on the nature of mind, see the book on LOTA

    Theory of the Universe Grand Design

     The Universe Grand Design involves the interplay of three forces, as is illustrated in the diagram on the left, forming a continuous cycle. 

    These forces are: 

     Our existence on earth takes on a deeper meaning when consciousness is recognized as the true driving force of physical experience. Life experience is then a vital link in the overall creative framework of the Universe Grand Design. Indeed, our experience contributes to the overall framework of the Universe Grand Design in the forms of expanding consciousness and new energies. 

    We have arrived at an important junction: Our base for scientific inquiry and our base for spiritual development are no longer at odds, they are complementary. Moreover, we arrived there by scientific method, simply removing hidden assumptions about time, matter and energy. 

    If you are interested in a comparison between this version of an expanding universe and the more known Big Bang theory, see the science debate on A better  Big Bang.

    For a more detailed explanation of the Universe Grand Design, see the book on LOTA

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