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Slenters versus Hawking and Mlodinow

By Cornel Slenters

The Grand Design written by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow was published in 2010, claiming to bring ‘new answers to the ultimate questions of life’. The book follows the same tenet as already known from ‘A Brief History of Time’ published in 1988, namely the universe needs no creator and if there is one, has not much to do.  ‘Philosophy is dead’  according to the authors and is ‘no longer keeping pace with the developments in science, particularly physics’.

The LOTA philosophy of science was published in 1996, described in ‘Breakthrough, the Origins of Mind, Space and Time’. (Now available as a free ebook ). Shortly after its first publication I sent a complementary copy to Stephen Hawking with the hope for some dialogue, yet the gesture was left unanswered.

This time around I have chosen to carry the debate into the open. 

Starting with ‘Philosophy is dead’. Is it?

The LOTA philosophy of science was developed through a rigorous application of systems theory. Consequently it could bypass all theories which use concepts of time, past, future, mass, gravity, distance, space or energy. This is important since these concepts are part of the ‘space-time dynamic order’ the very things masquerading in front of our eyes.

Next, the LOTA development concentrated on the search for a ‘universal organizing principle’ behind all our experiences. The focus on such an ‘organizing principle’ avoided another trap; namely the temptation to search for ‘the origin of the universe’, because that is a question raised within the ‘space-time dynamic order’  and consequently would violate the logic of good systems methodology. 

A universal organizing principle was indeed found and has been named Creative-R. It is at the origin of all our experiences and observations, valid as far as we can tell for our entire universe. Creative-R stands for the rate of unfolding when interactions meet (take place).

Once it has passed a threshold we can witness the emergence of self-organizing patterns. These patterns are scalable - up and down. The result is the Great Scaling Pattern, which has a remarkable similarity to the physical appearance of the universe. When Creative-R is large enough the Great Scaling Pattern will unfold, when it is below a threshold the GSP will not unfold. (The hand of God? The holy grail for mathematicians? Just wait and read on.)

Great excitement sets in after a study of the actual Creative-R levels in the universe, since these actual levels are orders of magnitude higher than they need to be for the onset of self-organization.

Indeed we can witness virtual magic when we rerun the original loop generator models with the actual Creative-R values of the real universe. These mathematical models create then levels of interconnectedness that are mind boggling, leading to a vast array of new insights into the nature of our reality. For instance: the emergence of 'consciousness'.

Since these mathematical models are not bound by the ‘space-time dynamic order’, they can be used for the interpretation of all our experiences (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) in a new framework of relationships based on scientific principles.

These insights form the basis of the LOTA philosophy of science, uniting East, West, science and the soul in a new framework of understanding based on scientific principles. (The acronym LOTA stands for LOgical Thought about All we know.) 

It has led to several derivative and interrelated theories, such as the Universe Grand Design, the Big Cycle, the theory of consciousness, the theory of mind, the theory of identity, the theory of energy and the theory of the Great Scaling Pattern.

Supporting evidence is all around us and in terms of this short article it will be limited to two examples: The first illustration is an extensive link page here  ‘the Big Cycle in evidence’. The second illustration is the 15 years of experience with the LOTA philosophy of science in tracking scientific discoveries for the sake of finding discrepancies in the LOTA theories. No doubt it will come one day, yet up to now it has been standing up unscratched. This applies also to the field of physics, in terms of discoveries (not necessarily the proposed theories). 

Regarding the ‘new answers to the ultimate questions of life’,
the LOTA philosophy of science predicts the following:

  • Our universe is a participatory universe and we are co-creators.
  • It is driven by energy. (Big Bang is no longer needed)
  • Energy is driven by consciousness.
  • The origin and dynamics of consciousness have become visible through LOTA.
  • We are co-creators of consciousness.
  • Individual and collective experiences contribute to universe expansion.
  • Consciousness, energy and the Great Scaling Pattern form a cycle, the Big Cycle.
  • Consciousness can evolve more quickly in the non-physical realm.
  • The non-physical realm appears as ‘all-in-one’ and ‘one-in-all’ or ‘undivided wholeness’.
  • Our minds reside partially in the non-physical realm.
  • We have a soul.
  • We create our realities from the inside out.
  • Our souls survive physical death.
  • Our souls have chosen for the earthly life experiences.
  • Some form of reincarnation of the soul is most likely.
  • The Big Cycle is an integral part of the Universe Grand Design, mediating a logical evolution direction LOVE in the non-physical realm.
  • By understanding these relationships we grow our abilities to use creative powers from within.

The logical reasoning leading to these predictions is presented in Breakthrough, the Origin of Mind, Space and Time which can be downloaded here for free.

Moving to the question raised by Hawking and Mlodinow wether the universe needs a creator: the predictions of the LOTA philosophy of science give a partial answer. It did not raise the question on how the universe started and consequently provides no answer to it.  On the other hand, if by ‘creator’ is meant a current force of great intelligence in the non-physical realm, then the answer about its existence is yes.

This is a logical outcome from the discoveries made in the development process of the LOTA philosophy of science and a highly accessible explanation for it can be found in Breakthrough

Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow have been invited to comment.

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